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Room Rates


Cost-Effective Rooms

Pay half the price of any of our local competitors when you stay with Locust Tree Bed and Breakfast, LLC in Canaan, CT. There are no deposits necessary, so you don't pay until you arrive. 

Stay in one of our clean and tastefully decorated room on the second floor. Our second story wrap-around porch has amazing views and wicker furniture to enjoy the outdoors.

Get Rooms at Competitive Prices

• Private bath: $130
• Half bath: $120
• Shared bath: $105
• Whole house rental: $750
An occupancy tax of 15% is added to each charge.

Check in at Your Convenience

If you arrive late, just come in and find your room on the second floor! We'll leave you the Wi-Fi password and schedule for breakfast.
Unwind in our comfortable rooms!
Call us at 
860-824-8035 for further details.
Enjoy a low-priced and comfortable stay in one of our beautiful rooms today! 
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